Within the framework of the European programme Comenius, four secondary schools from Çanakkale in Turkey, Odda in Norway, Cordoba in Spain and Dudelange in Luxembourg are going to join forces to explore the issues of daily flux.

When we arrived in Çanakkale, we could notice that our expectations of Turkey and its people were not that far from reality. However, we were quite overcome by the turkish culture, there were so many new things to discover in a few days.

The families welcomed us warm-hearted and with such a kindness and love. We were like their children, and we felt like home. Unlike us in Luxembourg, the turkish have a real culture that belongs to them and they made it easier for us adapt to it, be it the food, the traditional dances or their way of life.

What we liked about the city Çanakkale is how animated it was. Furthermore, we learned that it is a city of big history for Turkey. The Turks are very proud of their history, culture and are very patriotic, which was a bit unusual, even a bit shocking for some of us because this feeling is not so strong in our country.

We left with tears in our eyes and memories which we won’t ever forget. We are happy to be able to have the chance of meeting such amazing people and calling them now our friends.

Luxembourgish Students Group