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How does the game work?

DungeonQuest is a game which you can play alone or with your friends (max 4 people). When you start you can choose between 6 heroes who all have different stats. The game starts with the player who gets the biggest number by rolling the dice. Now the player can take a dungeon chamber and place it on the game board. Then the player can draw a card, but he must choose a card, which is indicated on the placed dungeon chamber. Over the course of the game, the player draws dungeon cards to discover what dangers and treasures are hidden in the dungeon chambers. There are also traps and monster who can attack the player and kill him. He may encounter monsters and fight them. The main goal of the game is to explore the dungeon, get the most gold in the dungeon and escape with it.


Good/Bad Aspects of the game

The game has a high variety of different cards. There are so many cards that it is always interesting to grab one because you never know what could happen. This can also be a negative aspect of the game, as there were a lot of useless cards that we never used, It was a waste of time to get them out of the box and tidy them after. The fighting in the game was interesting, but it got repulsive after using it 3 or 4 times, a more interesting fighting system would have been more interesting. One of the best things are the random things happening in the dungeon. So, every game is different as you could never be surprised by the different events. One of the best and worst aspects of the game is the realism, it is really enticing how realistic the board game is, but it is also annoying, as one little mistake and your character dies so that you are out of the game.


Overall review

Jérôme’s opinion

This game is fun! Easy to play and also easy to understand. The turns go by fast and there is always a nerve wrecking feeling that you get, which makes this game even more fun, as you never know if you die right on the first turn or maybe in the last turn. In my opinion it should be a little less luck based as nearly everything in this game is luck based and that could destroy the fun in it.


Demir’s opinion

I personally like the game a lot because it’s fun but at the same time difficult as hell. I like the heroes but would wish that there are more of them because sometimes me and my friend want the same hero and none of us wants to switch as the other heroes are not appealing enough. The fast dying by a failed dice roll, also gets on my nerves sometimes. But the moment when you get the gold and leave the dungeon is so satisfying. Overall, for me, it’s a good game with some annoying small quirks.


Dean’s opinion

My personal opinion of the board game is positive, because I love playing fantasy games like Dungeons and Dragons and DungeonQuest is like DND but in a simpler and player friendly way. Placing the tiles to continue moving was the most entertaining part of the game in my opinion, it was fun to see how you could somehow make a way to the treasure room and then completely fail at stealing it. I think the board game is very good: one of the best I have played, but it’s very exhausting to set up and tidy afterwards. The board game is very funny and exciting to play with friends, I would recommend it to play with at least 3 people because if there are only 2 it can easily get boring. The only bad thing in my opinion is the fighting system.


Pandemic Board Game


Introduction of the Game

Pandemic is a cooperative game where you win or lose together as a team. The goal of this game is to save the world from 4 viruses. In order to achieve this goal, players must work together playing to their characters’ strengths as they plan their strategy of eradicating the 4 viruses before they overwhelm the world with ever-increasing outbreaks. Players may choose a character from this list: A medic, a researcher, a scientist, a dispatcher, an operation expert, a contingency planner or a quarantine specialist. Every character has its special ability for example, the operations expert can build research stations which are needed to develop cures for the viruses, and which allow for greater mobility between cities; the Scientist needs only four cards of a specific virus to cure it instead of the normal five. Every character has its advantage. If one or more viruses spreads beyond recovery or if too much time elapses, the players will lose the game. But if they cure the four viruses, they win! Every player starts with 4 actions each round and 8 possible moves; heal people, develop a cure for a specific virus, move to a linked city, build a research station, trade city card(s) with a player, move from a city with a research station to another city with a research station, move to any city by using the card of the city where you want to move to.


Good/Bad aspects of the game

Pandemic has a lot of good aspects. It puts the player in a difficult situation and challenges him to cooperate with his teammates. It’s a highly strategic game with a lot to think about, and reinforces teamwork. Furthermore, it’s recommended to play the game with 4 people because it gets much easier when you have multiple characters helping to contain the 4 viruses. It has a high replay value, as you can easily adjust the difficulty by putting more or less of the 6 epidemic cards in the game. Every game is different when you get another character and with that comes a different development of the game. There isn’t much of a negative side of the board game. The game overall is perfect for those people who seek a cooperative and strategic challenge.


The overall review of the game

Pandemic in general is a great board game with a lot of customizations as mentioned before. It challenges the cooperative side of the players and is a splendid test to see if the players can work together as a team. The playing time is also acceptable; around 45 minutes per game. The variety of the characters are excellent and well-made. Every class matters and there are powerful combinations that players can make. That’s why we recommend playing the game as 4 players. It’s also a board game for kids. Pandemic has spawned a variety of expansions and related games. Even the price of Pandemic which got a lot of mentions & awards is affordable. We will rate Pandemic a solid 9/10.


Pit’s opinion

The game Pandemic is an interesting and logical board game. In my opinion, it is a very good cooperative board game to play and focuses on communication between friends. The first time I played it, I found it a bit difficult to understand the situations, but after the first game I quickly learned the rules. But the second try, it was very easy to win the game, especially when you have the right city cards. In my opinion, it’s helpful to try to get a few research centers’ spread on the world map because you should at least play the game as 2 players.


Guilherme’s opinion

I would recommend this game for sure. Unfortunately, I think that board games like those don’t get enough fame and recognition. It would be amazing, especially for children who spend most of their time on the phone, as it would be a much healthier and social option. Pandemic blew my mind when I knew how to play it because time passes fast with this kind of game. It reminds me of the mobile game called “Plague Inc.” which follows the exact same concept. To sum it up, I highly recommend playing this game especially with a/your family, because the maximum of players is 4. Super fun and great board game with a lot to offer. I love the characters and the concept of the pandemic cards. This type of board game fits perfectly to play while in a quarantine.